Advanced Curriculum

Supporting Research

Eight one-hour collaborative classes over a 4 month semester. Classes will focus on the following topics.

Medical School: Treating the Diseased Body and the Team Approach to Care

This class will provide you with information about how diseased organs differ from healthy ones, how a disease can lead to complications in multiple body systems, and the different treatment options that may be available for a given disease.

Communications: With Researchers, Drug Developers

In this class, we will provide information about how to get in contact with pharmaceutical companies and researchers, and how to effectively communicate with those parties in a manner that will benefit all.

Drug Development: How to Collaborate with Companies

Continuing the conversation of collaboration, we will explore the process of collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Focus will be placed on balancing the interests of all parties, types of collaborations you might consider, and legal considerations.

Clinical trials: Partnering

In this class, we will synthesize concepts learned throughout the course to discuss best practices to work with researchers and pharmaceutical companies to conduct different types of clinical trials.

Role of Advocacy in Research

This class will describe the role patient advocacy groups play in the diagnosis, management, and education of a disease. We will also discuss best practices when working with researchers and raising funds for research.

Drug Development: How to Collaborate with Researchers

Building on concepts from previous classes, we will explore the process of collaborating with researchers. Focus will be placed on how to find appropriate researchers and how to work with them to advance both their interests and yours.

Communications: Grant Writing, Research Paper Writing

This class will provide best practices to find and write funding grants. The class will also introduce the concept of writing a research paper – something very common as advocacy groups continue to partner with researchers.

Review and Final Exam

The final class will consist of a 30-minute review of key concepts covered in this program using a case study example. That will be followed by a 30-minute written exam.

After completing the core curriculum, specialize in one or more of the advanced areas.

Core Curriculum

Introduction to Patient Advocacy in Canada

This course will introduce students to the core concepts and skills needed to be a professional patient advocate in Canada.

Advanced Curriculum

These courses will provide students with advanced concepts and skills to be professional patient advocate in Canada. The three different themes will focus on three common themes that patient advocacy leaders in Canada generally concentrate on:

  1. management/leadership
  2. changing policy, and
  3. advancing research.

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