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Our mission is to provide the tools needed for health champions to succeed.

Educational Need

There are over 5,700 registered health charities in Canada.  Of those, only a small percentage are likely managed by well qualified executive directors leading a properly trained staff and knowledgeable volunteers. In most cases, the advocacy groups are managed from kitchen tables and the leaders/staff are “trained” by word of mouth and learning from their mistakes. There is no school or program available to teach them how to raise funds, recruit and retain volunteers, write a grant, fund researchers, talk to government agencies, etc.

CACHE (Canadian Advocacy Champions of Health Education) wants to change that.  There is a need in Canada to provide patient advocates with a comprehensive program that will properly qualify them to meet the many challenges they encounter when starting, maintaining, and growing their organization.


Our Team

CACHE is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide in-depth and ongoing training for persons eager to develop the skill necessary to be a professional patient advocate in today’s complex health care environment. The staff at CACHE has collectively over 50 years of experience working in patient advocacy, health communications, medical education, leadership, teaching, and fundraising.

Cheryl Petruk

Educator and public speaker

Brad Crittenden

Patient advocate and web guru

James Radke

Writer and course developer

Victoria Radke

Victoria Radke

Content Creator & Manager

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Core Curriculum

Introduction to Patient Advocacy in Canada

This course will introduce students to the core concepts and skills needed to be a professional patient advocate in Canada.

Advanced Curriculum

These courses will provide students with advanced concepts and skills to be professional patient advocate in Canada. The three different themes will focus on three common themes that patient advocacy leaders in Canada generally concentrate on:

  1. management/leadership
  2. changing policy, and
  3. advancing research.

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